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We have re-designed processes using technology and years of expertise to imbibe flexibility and agility in all our researches

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We go beyond just churning data, people at Varenia breathe life into the findings and provide actionable solutions

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Assimilating facts, information and skills acquired through experience & education and create appropriate methodologies, techniques to best suit client’s research objective

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The Best Market Research Solutions Under One Roof

Varenia is a Full Service Market Research agency. It provides consumer insights and measurement solutions to provide you with a roadmap that takes you through the consumer minefield riddled with competitors. Our proprietary tools provide you with statistics, data analysis, trends, consumption patterns, market movements. These coupled with our soft skills help put these numbers into perspective. The magic happens once the numbers come in. Our team gives its expert insights and recommendations on basis of hard data.

Quantitative and Qualitative research expertise

Highly Experienced, Knowledgeable team of researchers and consultants with prior experience from companies such as GSK Consumer Healthcare, McKinsey & Company, Zydus, Intex Technologies etc. and research organisations such as Kantar, IPSOS and Nielsen.

Agile Research

Fast and Flexible – Quickest to launch and flexibility to incorporate modifications even during fieldwork with minimal impact on study timelines.

Mobile First research application

Our proprietary survey software makes the questionnaires online and deploy them through mobile apps, both on Android and IOS platforms. Most of our work hence, are through Mobile Surveys, Mobile panels or Qualitative Interviews on Mobiles.

IoT (Internet of Things) based studies

Using IoT devices and sensors such as smart weight measurement for consumption tracking, RFID technology and barcode scanning for offtake tracking, IMEI reader based unique footfall counters and many more such innovations because the behaviour tracking needs real - time intervention.


Our proprietary virtual platform for online video interviews and interactions across geographies and languages.


From 1 kb to 1 TB, we gave expertise to work on all sizes of datasets to extract the most meaningful insights and correlate it with Quantitative and/or Qualitative findings.

Advantage Varenia

Small and large companies come to us when they want to take critical decisions regarding their product or brand and they are looking for:

Innovative yet simple solutions

When all that can be done has been done, finding that elusive insight needs relentless innovation in thinking, measuring and analysing. That’s where we bring the differentiation for you and your brands.

Sharper and actionable insights

We deliver consumer insight that is in-depth, sharp and very actionable for every brand, irrespective of brand cycle.

Time and value effícíent

From collection to reporting, our use of technology saves time and money both. And, our optimised processes ensure effícíencíes.

Tech-powered accuracy & effectiveness

App and web-based surveys, use of IoT (Internet of Things) to measure behaviour discretely, SAAS tools, mobile & tablet based solutions leave no doubt in accuracy or timely delivery.

Focus Groups:

Our specialists ensure that FGDs are conducted to suit the requirements of the client and our robust analysis assists in making on-point decisions.

Quantitative Interviews:

Our interviewers build their quantitative interviews as per project mandates ensuring that the data gleaned is suitable for the client.


Ethnographers in our team possess considerable experience in conducting varied types of ethnographies.

Mobile/ Tablet Interviews:

Quantitative interviews are run through app-based modules as they allow for quicker turnaround times and are most cost efficient.

Online Qualitative Video Interviews:

Qualitative Interviews with respondents situated anywhere or for shop-alongs and purchase journeys.

Telephonic Interviews:

Depending on client requirements and approach methodology we are equipped to conduct telephonic interviews.

Face to Face Sessions:

Our team has the expertise to conduct in-depth interviews, ask probing questions with references to consumer profiles, spending triggers etc.

Consumer Panels:

We put together a set of respondents that can answer research queries within specified timelines ensuring quick turnarounds.


Our analytics teams are able to mine the information or data and acquire results that allow for focused insights.

Case Studies

Market-capture for a tobacco brand

Case study in the use of VBar
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New Product Feedback

Case study in the use of VField for live tracking of market information
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