Our Processes

The most important part of the marketing research process is understanding the marketing problem that a client is facing because identifying the problem will determine what information is required

Given the extensive experience that we Varenians possess we have designed strong and efficient processes that are supported by an equally strong technology backbone. This helps us in understanding the overarching problem or opportunity and how to best address the  specific problem and provide actionable solution

The problem and trends are constantly evolving and therefore the data collection process also need to evolve. Otherwise many a times post collecting the data we realize that we don’t have the exact behavioural nuance which could have led to impactful, actionable output because it is practically possible for a researcher to be present with the consumer 24×7 or at all the crucial moment (s) of the consumer’s life. 

 Hence we developed processes which not only ensure smooth and efficient execution of projects. We disproportionately invest in developing tools and techniques to answer specific questions that our clients have, many of which could not be answered before as there was no way of measuring a certain behaviour.

 Our constant innovations have led to a number of in – house developed Research Tools which are first (s) in the country such as:

  •  Our end to end software to create questionnaires that are ready to deploy anywhere in the world and collect data for real time reporting.
  •  Our usage of mobile and digital data collecting tools.
  • We are pioneers in several IoT (Internet of Things) based data collection tools, which further help to gather behavioural data for quick, unbiased, actionable outputs. 
          Apart from enabling the client to experience the ‘Truth of the Moment’ these tools also provide cost and time benefits to them.