Our People.

 Data can be generated by any number of software but we at VareniaCIMS, believe that it is our people who breathe life into data. Skilled at strategic thinking and analysis, our team of right         people understand client’s requirement, make the right study design so that we end up with extracting the most relevant and subliminal insights from the data collected.

  • Our talent pool boasts of people from various fields such as Economics, Psychology, Technology, Statistics etc. which motivate us to adapt from different disciplines and extract relevant marketing strategies for our clients. 
  • Our team come from various industries such as Marketing Research organizations, Consulting, Investment Banking, Advertising, FMCG, Technology etc. Their rich experience from multiple industries helps in executing myriad projects, solve diverse business problems into actionable solutions. 
  • Varenians are diligent, avid researchers, possess keen powers of deduction and have a penchant for out of the box solutions.

Senior leadership involvement from start to finish of a project enables them to pick up insights which is not possible to determine from the transcripts. Further stability of the senior team enables them to bring past learning and design the future scope of research in more impactful manner. A quality that is highly valued by our esteem clientele and the reason for their continuous faith in us.