Our Knowledge

Knowledge help companies to make better decisions about their products, campaigns, strategies etc. Our extensive experiences that we bring from diverse fields have allowed us to create models that are able to help clients take informed marketing decisions.
 We use combination of existing and patented (in house developed) models which enables us to provide the right information by better understanding the root cause underlying a certain behaviour or attitude. Rather than using the existing models in its traditional form we tweak them as per the requirement of the study for example:

  • Kano Model which essentially is a theory for product development & customer satisfaction we use the attributes outlined in the model for plotting reactions to concepts, product ideas etc. HELP IN CLEARLY UNDERSTANDING FACTORS SUCH AS   DELIGHTER / EXCITER, MUST HAVES, COMMON ETC.
  • Archetype Model which is essentially used to plot brands we also use the same frame work for plotting various consumers profile HELP DETERMINE THE CONSUMER’S CHARACTERISTIC  TRAITS MORE EFFICIENTLY.
  •  Similarly we use Kapferer Brand Prism model to plot consumer’s profile which enables us to get a CLEAR INDICATION OF HIS/HER SELF-IMAGE VIS-À-VIS REFLECTED IMAGE.
  • Kubler Ross 5 stages of grief model is used to understand various emotions that a person goes through while interacting with any kind of change for e.g. the change curve illustrates the typical emotions and reactions that people go through during conscious change process. For e.g. when people know that change is a TRANSITION TO A NEW NORMAL, it can EMPOWER THEM TO BE PROACTIVE and take control so that the CHANGE PROCESS IS A POSITIVE EXPERIENCE and they get a SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT AND ENHANCED SELF-ESTEEM.

 We also have created models based on sound Behavioural, Anthropological and Psychological models; this brings out the best outputs for our clients as the theoretical rigour imbibed by using Behavioural Economics, Human Psychology, Anthropology combined with the empirical evidence collected as part of the study. Few of our patented models:

·         REVERBERATION TECHNIQUE: we essentially use this model to understand and amplify emotions & values by getting the consumers to feel the emotions and then respond to it in the context of proposition at different levels.


·        VISUAL SYNTHESIZATION: we use this model to understand the consumer, their attitudes towards a particular concept, product, service etc. that are close to them; link it back with brands and further the brand’s perception, imagery in context to their behavior, attitude.

 Other techniques that we often use for our studies 

 ·           ANTHROPOLOGICAL TECHNIQUE: we use this methodology primarily for ethnography studies where we do an in – depth analysis of a culture, sub – culture, micro – culture of a group, region or society   which help the client to understand their customer better and design products, services accordingly.

·           PSYCHOLOGICAL MODEL USING THEORY OF MIND: we use this methodology for getting deep dive understanding of the consumer psychology at four stages:

o    Experiential – captures the tangible, physical manifestation

o   Cognitive – captures rational benefit linkages

o   Conative – captures emotional benefits

o   Primordial – captures the ultimate truth 

Secondary Research Data wherever the need be we utilize variety of published sources for the purpose of locating fact – based or expert based data to answer a request or information to substantiate the primary research findings